Monday, 3 November 2014

Deodorant: Roll On or Spray?

It was either this picture or one of those cringey ones of someone in a white towel, putting on their deodorant and looking so happy that I just couldn't.

Now I know this seems a really really weird thing to post about, but I am genuinely quite intrigued! (I don't even care how sad this is all sounding).
I had alwaysalwaysalways used spray deodorants; the thought of using a roll on one, cream or otherwise, made me feel, to be quite honest, nauseous and they always said 'elderly' to me. Yet when I came to the States, the only deodorant that I had with me was a Nivea roll on. 3 months later and I'm still only 2/3 of it through. My sister always said how they last longer, and damn do they!

Yet... despite this, I still miss my spray ones. Although I feel the roll ones are better in  some ways? But I miss my Dove pink grapefruit spray; I miss the lovely fresh smell.
And now I am torn between my preferred option (I think still?) or the seemingly everlasting option. I also now feel that I need to give the cream ones a whirl; it's like I'm doing my own personal deodorant experiment! (#noshame)

So...what are your thoughts? What do you prefer? What do you think is better? Anyone? Recommendations? P.S. I do not smell.