Sunday, 16 November 2014

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

Easy Like Sunday Blogging by superkarina5 featuring Pier 1 Imports

These installments are seriously coming around toooooo quickly! Two papers due this week, a midterm, one midterm back, ten tonne of other stuff (currently only enrolled for one class next semester #awks), it's now Sunday evening and I still haven't done everything. Oh well!

- I have just spent the past four hours or so painting tiny dots on to my latest painting. My eyes haven't stopped twitching for a good half hour now...but it's looking good and can't wait to share my two latest canvases with you!

- Band Aid 30. Come on people. Band Aid 20 was bad enough, but now 30? Why can't we just make up a brand new song for good causes and charity? The original will always and forever be the best. That is not opinion, but fact. 

- I have watched Love Actually twice this week. That film remains one of the greatest films ever in the history of anything ever.
Let us all just take a moment to appreciate this classic Hugh Grant moment:

- It has been snowing here! It started to really settle last night. It made the Wisconsin Nebraska game much more interesting seeing as you couldn't see some of the field due to the snow... I am absolutely loving it. If anyone has suggestions of good snowboots, please let me know!

-I am still reading the bloody Goldfinch. I never take this long to read a book but I really am struggling with this one. I have seen so many people talk about it saying that they read books all the time so they didn't struggle. I am the same, so are these people reading something different to me? Anyone else had this trouble? 

I hope you all had a lovely week! Countdown to Thanksgiving: 9 days!