Monday, 24 November 2014

The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub | An Ode To Products At Home

Why does everything always have such a long name? 

This is the second installment of this feature, in which I talk about the products I have at home and not here with me, that I miss greatly. 'Cos I'm sad like that. 
This week, yes it's another Body Shop product...but they're just so good! This is the Early Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub (because raspberry body scrub as a name was just too damn short). Firstly, if you haven't smelt this product, oooohmy do you have to. It literally smells like raspberry jam, and it genuinely makes me want to eat it. Not only that, but it looks just like jam. It has the seeds and everything!

This product is just so great. With body scrubs, I want one that has a lot of scrubby bits, but that's not too harsh. This has the perfect blend; it has the larger seeds and then smaller scrubby particles meaning that it does the job without making you feel like you've raked your skin in sand paper. It leaves your skin feeling soso smooth, and you smell good too!
(As a side note, one of my boy flatmates last year had to open this for me, got it on his hands, and as it smelt so good just rubbed it in; so really it's unisex too!)

I can't recommend this product enough. And as I have said before, It's The Body Shop, so you know you're getting good and decent stuff in there. 

You can get this here for £12.50
...and it seems you can't get this particular one in the US, but you can have a gander at the others here which are currently on sale for $12!

What are your thoughts of food-like products?