Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Things I'm Guilty Of...Blog Edition

Things I'm Guilty Of...Blog Edition

Things I'm Guilty Of...Blog Edition by superkarina5 featuring tea cups and saucers

I recently (I say recently, today) saw this post on Autumn Leaves and really liked how this is a personal insight into bloggers...but the bad side of them! 
So here are the things I'm guilty of...

  • I generally do whack out my posts on a daily basis...for that day. It's not because I don't like planning them/am unable to do so (ignoring time difference difficulties...) but I actually enjoy them being that up to date and I just go with whatever comes to me on that day!

  • I am pretty lazy with my you will have noticed my discovery of and love for polyvore have developed pretty much simultaneously. But sometimes, I'm just gonna google image my blog photo...At least I'm admitting to it!

  • On that note...I have also been known to use poor quality photos...I'm sorry everyone! I always profusely apologise!

  • I'm pretty fussy with the posts that I read; not anything to do with the quality or anything, but more, if the title doesn't draw me in...then I'm probably not going to read it.

  • I alwaysalwaysalways read back over my posts and preview them before I publish them. With this said, it really annoys me when bloggers have spelling errors or even typos in their posts. We all take a lot of time and care on our posts and it just really disappoints me when a blogger hasn't checked things like this over.

So these are (only some!) things which I'm guilty of...what are yours?