Sunday, 3 August 2014

The British Tag!

I've got a bit of a British theme running here...
I've been wanting to do this Tag ever since it came out, however I had been struggling with the awkwardness of doing a tag without having actually been tagged...but here we go! I really wanted to do this as I feel I am quintessentially British and can be the epitome of Britishness; what more would you want?!
I can asssure you all that I have a cup of tea next to me as we speak (read?) which is the rule!

Question 1: How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars?

Let's see...1 when I get up in the morning; 1 after I've had breakfast; 1 at coffee time if I'm not having coffee; 1 at lunch time; 1 at afternoon tea time (obvs); 1 before dinner; 1 after dinner if not having coffee; 1 before bed.
So... a grand total of... 8! Bloody hell. I feel no shame. Sometimes it's probably more. And absolutely no sugar, whatsoever at all. There will be judgement for those who take sugar. 

Question 2: What's the favourite part of your roast?

Hmm, aside from the whole thing (again, obvs), I would probably have to say the yorkshire. For those of you who are now thinking, the county or are just confused, that is the yorkshire pudding! It's pretty close between that and the meat to be honest though...I mean if it's chicken, it's probably a tie. 

Question 3: What's your favourite dunking biscuit?

 I have to be honest here; I am quite fussy with my biscuits and even more so with my dunking preferences. For example, I don't like any sort of digestives or Rich Tea which narrows down the general dunked biscuits a fair chunk. I generally like to dunk biscuits which have some sort of cream or something which can then melt (however absolutely not custard creams. They are vile.) 
I think I would have to say Bourbons... or chocolate chunk cookies but they're not reeeaally a biscuit!

Question 4: What's your favourite quintessentially British pastime?

Ooooh, I'm really not sure on this one! Aside from afternoon tea time, whether you have it out or just general having a sit down with a cup of tea at around or precisely at 3 I really am not sure! 
I in fact googled British pastimes to see what the general ones were considered to be, and on uncyclopedia it had these as the reasons for why pastimes exist in Britian:
  • They suffer the effects of mild weather.
  • They have mild/tolerant attitudes.
  • They need to take our mind off these things.
  • It is an easy form of class identification.

That is pretty much why we sit around and drink tea all day!
Ooooh moaning! I do love a good old moan!

Question 5: What is your favourite British word/phrase?

At first I was thinking of words such as 'doodah', 'whatsit', 'thingymabob' (if, again, you are slightly confused, these are all words which can be used when you are referring to a particular thing but can't quite think what that is called, such as 'Oohh where's the doodah?'). 
However after some more consideration I have gone with the phrase 'out out'. Now if you are unsure what this means, or have somehow managed to not see the Micky Flanagan sketch of his explanation of this, firstly here is the link. But if you don't have time to watch then basically, if you are 'out out' then you have dressed up and gone out to say a club or a bar. Whereas if you have gone 'out' then you have meaningfully gone to the shops, as opposed to having 'popped out' where you might have just gone to Asda to get some milk. 
Explaining this phrase to my international flatmates at uni proved tres amusant! 

Question 6: Cockney Rhyming Slang?

Mah China Plate was just on the Dog and Bone so now I'm off for a Ball and Chalk to the Rub-A-Dub for a Pig's Ear! 
10 points to Gryffindor if you can accurately translate this ;)

Question 7: What's your favourite British sweet?

For anyone that knows me, they will know that I absolutely love sweets. I am like a child when it comes to sweets. My absolute all time favourite sweets are these bad boys:

They are rhubarb and custard...s. I don't actually know their official name but ohhhmy are they good. I do however also love a Percy Pig and currently have about ten packs lying around of different varieties. 

Question 8: What would your pub be called?

Again, I thought long and hard about this one and I think it would have to be The Black and Grey Cat as I have both a black and a grey cat and this would be the combination of the two!

Question 9: Your No.1 British Person.

Would it be really stereotypical of me to say Kate Middleton? I am quite a fan. I'm also a mahoosive fan of Florence (asin of + The Machine). As Essiebutton said though Dave Lamb from Come Dine With Me is a goodun... 
No. I can't do it. I can't choose. I just don't know!

Question 10: What's your favourite Shop/Restaurant?

I automatically wanted to say Nandos, but I don't think that's British.Nope, it's not. Scratch that. Hmm. I'm a big fan of Spoons (asin Wetherspoons) and that's British! These are a chain of pub/restaurant type places where the food is sosogood and such good value for money. You can never have a bad time in a Spoons. 
I think that Boots would have to be my toptoptop shop (Topshop is also a good shout). There is no pharmacy like Boots in the world (Thailand has caught on to this and they have Boots Lotus!). 

Question 11: What British song pops into your head?

I think that I will have to go with this little ditty...

Mother and I often start singing this, for no particular reason. It has also been getting quite a lot of air time in the Commonwealth Games...probs the Scottishness. 
If you're not convinced...then take a look at this. Dunadudahh!

Question 12: Marmite.

I also felt the need to really highlight just how British I am...I can most definitely conform to all of these.

I hope you enjoyed this tag, despite myself not being tagged, but oh well. That'll give you something to moan about :')