Friday, 8 August 2014

TheKazlightAnthem is Now On Youtube! | Top 5 Make Up Staples Summer 2014

Ever since I have started blogging it has been my aim to then also start a Youtube channel. Although I filmed this video quite a while ago (still in my uni room!) it has taken me quite a while to actually edit it and upload it, not only due to time constraints but to me feeling very awkward about actually putting myself out on the internet in this way.
As I will very soon be moving to America I thought that it would actually be a really great way to capture and record the whole experience through videos and vlogging and this really spurred me on!

So here it is, my very first Youtube video! This is my Top 5 Make Up Staples of Summer 2014. Please like and subscribe if you enjoy it and comment letting me know what your staples are!

To watch the video over on my channel please click here!
I hope you enjoy!