Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Times Magazine Best 100 Beauty Products | Part 10 - Suncare

Da-daahhhh! We are halfway through the Best 100 Beauty Products according to The Times Magazine! If you have stuck with us so far, well done. I probably would have struggled myself. You might even be thinking what more could there possibly be for another 10 blog posts?? Well don't you worry about that my friends, as I can assure you...there is more to come ;)

Part 10 -Suncare

1. The Organic Pharmacy Self Tan, £30.95
A self-tan without that strong self-tan smell. 

2. Lancome Flash Bronzer, £24
Face gel that quickly develops an even glow. Idiot-proof.

3. Institut Esthederm Photo Reverse, £55
Good for pigmentation spots.

4. Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh Sun Lotion SPF30, £15
Affordable, water-resistant, non-sticky.

5. Sienna X Gradual Glowing Self Tan, £15.95
An easy-to-apply cream. Good colour. 

Surprised to see no St.Tropez here? I was too! 
For Part 10...I'm keeping you in suspense!

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