Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The #NoMakeUpSelfie Campaign

Within a week, in fact, maybe less, #nomakeupselfies were covering everyone's Facebook timelines, all with the intention of raising money and awareness for Cancer Research. After these first started showing up, I was highly sceptical about them; they couldn't really be used for grabbing attention as the point is that we aren't looking good in them. But were they really raising money?
Yet, after seeing more and more of the selfies being posted alongside screenshots of their donations, my mind had been changed. The news also started covering the new trend and the awareness for Cancer Research grew by a huge amount. By nominating who you think should post the next unfiltered photo, there is sense that everyone wants to involve everyone else and that we all do actually want to help raise money for a good cause. I have even seen some which have donated to different charities, stating that it is a great campaign, but don't feel pressured to donate only to Cancer Research, but to a charity of your choice.
The fact that it is also so simple to donate, (just by texting), the money raised has been incredible. So far a total of £8 million has been raised for Cancer Research. The newspapers are struggling  to keep up to date with just how much money has been raised; it must then be a good cause!

My mind was changed after realising just how much money was being raised and I followed through with my nomination. I then nominated two of my friends. However there does still seem to be a sense in which we making this seem like a 'big' or 'brave' move upon women; that God forbid we should ever been seen in photos without make up! I'm pretty sure that all of the boys I live with at university cannot tell the difference between when I've got make up on and when I haven't; and they don't care. Yes, it is capitalising on the fact that as women, there is a general belief that we should, and need, to always be wearing make up and that it is apparently somehow morally beneficial to be seen without it. But whatever our beliefs upon this actually are, the difference it is making is incredible.

So maybe we should be grabbing our cleansers and our make up wipes and smearing the norms of society, especially if we can raise money for charity at the same time.

I now nominate all of those who wish to join in the trend/campaign. It seems that the #nomakeupselfie has blurred the meaning of these two words; be a part of something amazing.

Please either donate by texting BEAT to 70099 or online at

A great by the soon-to-be SU President of Warwick University.