Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street - Jordan Belfort | Book Review

[Sorry again for lack of actual picture; am currently living out of bags and suitcases]

Wow. Mr.Belfort, should I ever have the pleasure of meeting him, must be a truly astounding man. To be able to have written this book in the way he has, making it seem sososo realistic and great, that it's almost fiction, despite being a memoir, and to have lived the life that he did, just, wow. Coming from a background of pretty much complete stock-broking, never would you have expected a book such as this to have come out. I am deeply ashamed to admit that I saw the film first, merely due to timing and not choice, but there are quite a few differences. This doesn't alter the book or the film as being great pieces of work, but the film does alter the reality of what actually happened (spoiler alert!)

Belfort takes us along his journey through being a menial worker on Wall Street to running his own high-end stock broking business, to being caught by the FBI, days in rehab, and his eventual downfall from the wonder years of his life. All doing so, in what we must take to be near word-for-word perfection. You feel every emotion. You hear every word. You see everything. Not only did this book give a great insight into a world which I never really would have considered of much interest before, but he led you along the path of self-destruction in such a way that you understood and sympathised with how bad things actually happen to successful people. 

Whether or not you've seen the film, want to or not, just read this book. Appreciate it for the true piece of genius that it is. And join me in the line to shake Jordan, sorry the Wolf's hand.

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Have you read Belfort's astounding work?