Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Day In The Life #4 | Taylor Swift at the O2!

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That's right my friends. One of the best nights of my life ever happened. Genuinely cried too many times count. I went with Lucy and at the end she said to me that she thought I had actually died or become paralysed at one point.
Now, Taylor is already the love of my life, and I believe that she is sent from the Gods, so I am obviously biased, but she was AMAZING. She truly is one of the greatest performers that we have currently. To give you an unbiased opinion: Lucy was not originally coming with me but stepped in at the last minute. She's not the biggest fan of Taylor, but in her words: 'What the best thing for was not only the songs, catchy although they are, but her songs weren't commercial. Her songs told us not what we wanted to hear but about the truth. People don't talk openly about how they've been bullied or heart broken and most of the time we're not open to listening about it or feel uncomfortable talking about it. She wasn't truing to be someone that other people want her to be. She was just writing the truth. Which is why I cried and I'm not even a hard core fan. [Apart from when Danny from the Script came on and I was a dribbling ship wreck.] Oh yes that's right, Danny O'Donahue also came on! They duetted Breakeven.

I had already seen Taylor on her Fearless tour in 2008/9 but honestly. No words could explain how amazing this was. She did the entire show (just under two hours) with no break; only 30 second costume changes.
The set list included Red, All Too Well (omg, I think I actually died inside at this one. The Grammy's performance youtube video did not do it justice), Treacherous, The Lucky One, 22, I Knew You Were Trouble, State of Grace, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (the closing number; wow.), Mean, You Belong With Me and Sparks Fly.

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What are your opinions on Taylor?

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