Sunday, 19 April 2015

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

So this week has been an unusual one, it's been a long three days at least! Above is a photo of me staniding in the Badlands in South Dakota, making of course, the Wisconsin 'W'; Badger Pride! 
I have had a lot of times this week that have really boosted my self esteem, which is something taht I was definitely in need of. Everyone needs a little boost every now and then!
Aside from that, everything else is all a bit of a mess in my life, which I will use the perfect Lorelei Gilmore picture to represent:

Just to elaborate a little there... I no longer have a functioning phone which also means I have no clock or alarm. My bag broke this week. And one of my shoes is also breaking.
And is it just me or is everyone just a little bit on the verge of a bit of a breakdown at the moment? I am drowning under all of the things which I have to do and which I am just avoiding doing.
But, I have cut out sugar and my gym game is going strong, so if I have a meltdown, at least I will be looking good doing it!

But it is Sunday which just means...tomorrow is not only a new day, but also a new week, so here's to it being just a little better than the last!

How are you all feeling for the new week?

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