Friday, 10 April 2015

Pay Day Purchases

Pay Day Purchases

Sooo Pay Day for me isn't actually until next Thursday...but there are a few things which I would just really love to buy right now.
Firstly, Benefit are now allowing us to order our own Hoola Bronzer with our name on! (See what I did with my editing there??) Nothing ever has my name on, so I most definitely need to look into this. It costs £5 more, here, but when it comes to named goods, for me, there is no price I won't pay!

Recently in San Francisco. my mother, sister and I all had our nails done. I went with a really gorgeous dark maroon Essie colour; it looked so nice and stayed on my toes for soso long (it still ligners!). I really want to then find the exact colour so that my feet can forever look that lovely. However do you think I remember what it as called? Nope. But I sure will have fun perusing Essie colours looking for it!

My gym game is en pointe right now. However I desperately need a sports bra; any one. I will take any one I can find as long as it fits! If anyone has any suggestions of good ones that are on the cheaper side I am open to recommendations!

What are you currently looking to buy?

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