Friday, 15 April 2016

On Stationery - Kikki.K


After initially reading about Kikki.K opening in Covent Garden here, I looked up the shop, I browsed it's website, I sent it to my sister, I sent it to friends, I followed them on Instagram. I needed to go. Make up and Stationery (and books) are a few of the things that I fluctuate between buying the most and I had not actually bought any stationery in a while. 

I would like to say that I had not gone to Covent Garden solely for the purpose of going here ... but I cannot lie. This shop is incredible. It is kind of like Paperchase but a little bit sleeker [and don't get me wrong, I adore Paperchase. Ask the boyf and he can confirm]. Much the same as Paperchase it has different ranges with similar things in each; journals, Paper Lover's Books, decoration sets, planners, pencil cases. The list goes on. 

They even, in an almost Ikea-like format, have desk layouts. (Is this just a Swedish thing?) Everything is sososo beautiful and it is all such a lovely quality. Many of their items are focused on living a better, happier and more mindful life. This is not just ordinary stationery, it's stationery that is focused upon something and can help you to focus as well. 

These beautiful books each focus on a particular trait, such as happiness or habits and help you to focus these throughout your life. The books themselves are gorgeous and the insides are also beautiful; they have different sections for different considerations and time frames as well as questions that help you to guide your planning. 

This range was by far my favourite and possibly one of the cutest in there! 

To my amazement, I bought only one thing. The Paper Lover's Book. 

I don't think there are the words to even begin talking about this book.

Kikki.k is definitely one of the most beautiful (and Instagrammable) stationery shops that I have ever seen. If you sign up to them in store you get a £5 voucher and £5 on your birthday! Students: they also do 10% student discount. You're welcome.