Sunday, 24 April 2016

On Sundays

Invest in a really wolly pair of socks for indoors when you're chilly, wrapped up in bed with a cuppa coffee:          

Term 3 is approaching here in Warwick which means the library (not that I ever enter that space of doom and dread) will be full by ten am, stress levels will be through the roof, deadlines approaching and not to mention the dreaded E word (Exams). My personal timetable this year isn't too bad so my stress levels haven't quite peaked yet but I am prepping myself by trying to get ahead on everything for when they do. This week thus far as been essay and revision filled. Exciting I know.
So here are just a few things that I've been loving at the moment. 

I have currently been loving Essie - Sand Tropez. It has also lasted ages! I'm finding that it's the prefect neutral to wear between bolder shades.

I've been getting extremely broody for my own home lately and looking at DIY Playbook has not been helping!

I need this bar cart. (Seriously. I have been showing photos of it to everyone).

I am still obsessed with this. (And remember 10% Student Discount!)

How I wish I could go to this exhibition!

I recently signed up to the New York Times Running Newsletter - motivation and top tips! (More on my own running soon to come!)

I often get headaches (more on that to come also) so I have been trying to reduce my caffeine intake (and increase my water intake) so have been switching up my regular tea bags for either Green Tea or these Tea Pig Bad Boys.

It was the London Marathon today!

I finally managed to give blood again this week. Giving blood is such a great cause and takes only an hour out of your day! You might even be like me and have special blood (!) which means it's even more important you donate. Sign up for an appointment today!