Sunday, 9 October 2016

On Sundays

Lazy Sunday Blog Post? Check! I have spent today with Mother, eating, drinking many hot beverages (above: M&S Hot Chocolate Orange - yes as good as it sounds), and buying things we don't really need. I am finally caught up on Bake Off and have spent the entire afternoon in my dressing gown. 
Here are some things I've been loving this week!

I am loving the Emerald Street newsletter. They email everyday, but it is definitely not spam. 

I've been reading The Girl on the Train. Almost read the whole thing in a few days; squeezing it in before seeing the film!

Speaking of films; Bridget Jones's Baby. AMAZING. 

I really want these make up stickers.

Kaleo - great autumnal listening!

Got a Lush Butterbear; cannot wait for my bath tonight!

Happy Sunday!