Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Possibly The Longest Lasting Nail Varnish...Ever?!

I recently posted about my Naples Kiko haul, and in it I bought a nail varnish called 'Cupcake'. This was in the sale and it is a really pretty pale pink colour with different coloured speckles.
Now at the time, I had nail varnish on and so couldn't really test it so I just bought it. When I then tried it, I discovered that it is not at all what I was expecting. It does not dry smoothly for starters. It dries with matte finish and has a texture similar to texturised wallpaper... Now I know what you're all thinking, gross.
I put this on over a week ago, and there is ONE CHIP. ONE. AND I HAVE BEEN TO WORK. This is also, might I add, without a top coat.
Whatever this effect is, it is damn good. I really am not sure what the effect is called, unless Kiko have just called it 'Cupcake', I don't know. But all nail varnish addicts out there should definitely try it! I am beyond impressed with longevity. It must be the gravel. Or the cupcake. ...

Now just so that you can get a real feeling for what the texture looks like, here's the above photo with standard HDR settings on; now you can really see that it is not at all smooth!

Would you use this nail varnish?