Monday, 2 February 2015

B. Glowing Shimmer Brick in 'Just Peachy' | An Ode To Products At Home

Finding a stock image for this was an actual nightmare! I think it's because B. isn't a brand that is extremely well known, and in fact I think they are exclusive to Superdrug...anyway.

This is a product which I bought on a whim back last summer after reading about it being half price at about £4 on another blog. It is also claimed as being a dupe for the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, which although I have only sampled them, would agree with to an extent. The Bobbi Brown ones obviously have a hefty price tag ($46/£32.50), and the quality is superb. Whereas this bad boy, is nice and for the on offer price of £4, (or full price £8.99), it is good for that price tag, but don't buy it expecting it to work as well as the Bobbi Brown one!

My first thoughts upon this were pretty poor I have to admit; it just wasn't that great and so I stopped using it. I mean it looks soso nice in the packaging and when you use your fingers, but then on the face it's just a bit...meh. 
Then when I was back in England over Christmas, I was using this everyday as it was the main blush I had over there. And I was really liking the effect of it! It still doesn't come across amazingly on the face but for the winter it was giving a really lovely just natural glow to my cheeks and made my face look really healthy. It has the range of different colours and tones to give a really nice finish once they are all blended. You can of course use them seperately to create different effects such as using for eyeshadow or much stronger highlighting.

I think what the issue I have here with the application is my brush. I was using a H&M Kabuki brush which is very soft. I think this requires a much denser brush, such as the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (which by the way I am loving). And so despite out rocky start, I am now really missing the B. shimmer brick now that we are no longer together. It definitely makes me think that shimmer bricks are the way forward...

You can get this here for £8.99. (As I said before, I don't think B. are available in the States!)

Have you tried this? Would you?

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