Sunday, 1 February 2015

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

So the snow is reeeally coming down here in Madison and has been snowing straight for nearly 24 hours. There is a car that I can see from outside my window, and all I can now see of it is a hint of the number plate. I can only see maybe 50 feet or so from my window, and the you can't tell where the shore ends and where the (frozen) lake begins.
Never before have I quite experienced weather like this. And I am loving it. 

Friday night and last night I went to a Badger (Ice) Hockey game. Aside from wanting to tick ti off my Bucky List, I also just reallly wanted to go. I love hockey; I have such respect for it as a sport and it was amazing! I was seriously loving life. I could watch a match every night and I don't think I would get bored for a very long time!

I'm really happy with the classes I've taken this semester; I'm only doing one Philosophy class. Oh the irony! I've just spent the last couple of hours reading articles that debate who the sitter is in a van Eyck painting; what could be a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Being back at UW for a second semester has been a whole lot easier than the first time round. I think there will be a separate post dedicated to just me rambling on about this, but I really am so happy here. It makes me sad to think that I'm only here for another couple of months and then my time in Madison will be over. 

I was writing this as the Superbowl was on; I am now finishing it after it has finished, and I can safely that I am actually feeling pretty sad about the outcome...despite not realising I cared that much. ALL THE EMOTIONS. There have been times this week when I have (oddly) felt very American. One of my lovely flatmates just came and asked me what was more importnat: the moon landing or the Royal baby? My instant response: Royal baby. Her response: Don't worry, you're still British.
I think this just goes to show that I really feel at home here!

I hope you've all had a good week, and are enjoying snow if you're near any!