Thursday, 12 February 2015

Top Ten Things I've Accepted As Just Being British

Having now been living in America since last August, there are some culture battles which I have just had to back down on. I have had to hang my head and admit, only in Britain. Quite often these crop up on a daily basis and I have to take a moment to remember that I am indeed very far from home, but it's all good, because I'm sharing the wonderful British-ness over some tea. So what's really to moan about?

1. That anything being 'cheeky' is just not a thing. No cheeky nandos. No cheeky tipple. I mean I'm gonna keep saying it anyway, but my soul hurts a little bit everytime someone responds with 'what?'

2. Biscuits. As many times as I argue that a cookie is a type of biscuit, it just falls flat on it's crumbly face.

3. Mince pies. Wikipedia really needs to update it's page, as they no longer contain minced meat.

4. To get leary. I mean this is also a very Essex thing, but it's both worrying and comforting that no one knows what I mean when I say I'm gonna get leary.

5. Saying the time in the 'half-past', 'quarter-past' format. Three thirty? No, it's half past three.

6. Squash. And I mean like Robinson's. Ahhh fruit and barley...

7. Requiring tea at all times, but especially at about half three. Like, it's basically law.

8. Forever being ever so slightly awkward. About everything. All the time. We just are okay.

9. That panicky kind of feeling when the phrase 'group work' comes up. Your insides genuinely curling up a little bit and feeling ever so slightly queasy at the very prospect.

10. Oh and the fact that you can get crisps in small single packs. Made by Walkers. The Father, Mother and all other high figures of crisp making. You cannot beat Walkers. Unless maybe it's Salt'n'Shake...

Has anyone else ever had these British struggles?