Monday, 23 February 2015

Easy Like Sunday Blogging... on a Monday

Things have gotten a little slow here on the blogging front...for which I apologise. I've just been una, I don't really have a good excuse, for which I also apologise, but sometimes, as we all know, life just gets in the way. (But recently it's been in a good way!)

So this past weekend I spent in Wausau, a city a couple hours north of Madison. And lo and behold, look what they had there! A London telephone box! I could hardly get over it! Especially as apparently there are in fact two! Never before have I seen one outside of London.
I saw the tallest building in Wausu and some incredible ice sculptures as well. It was really nice to see a more surburban area that is away from a college town. We also went into a Walmart, which I was again beyond excited about as I had never been in one; I feel no shame!

I have only been back in Madison for just over a month now, but things are definitely really good here. I am at the point now where I don't want to to leave and can't really imagine going back home. It's a really nice time in my life!
On that note as well, it is just under two weeks until Mother and my sister come to visit! I cannot wait; it will be soso good! I can't wait for them to see where I've been living and to meet everyone. It will be wonderful.

To do with blogging, I just feel at the moment that my blog is not what it needs to be. That it needs to be a lot better, with layout and all that technical shibang. I am currently stuck in a mode of thinking that there is so much that needs to be done to it that I am just unable to do. Whether or not this is the actual case, I don't know, but that is where I am at. I am struggling to not become disillusioned with the blogging world as a whole, which would devastate me a litte, but currently that is where I am at. (Sorry to bring a downer there everyone! I'm all up in my feelings [new favourite phrase])

So there is just a mini update on my current state of being. I have also just finished writing a paper that is due tomorrow, which through the pressure of writing on a book that not only do I absolutely hate, but do not understand (Foe by J.M.Coetzee if anyone was wondering) I have managed to make some very hard hitting points if I do say so myself!

I hoep you are all well!