Thursday, 18 August 2016

On Books | Swimsuit - James Patterson

I'm just going to start with the truth; this book was okay. I've heard a lot about James Patterson and still have a couple of his books to read, but, I just was not that thrilled over the style of his writing. With this being the only book of his I have read, it is slightly unfair for me to judge that but I was not a big fan of it here. 

The storyline was pretty good and I did want to keep reading and finished this book in a few days. However I just did not like the format of the book. It starts with the main narrator of the book giving a note to his readers, as he himself is an author. Yet I just found this slightly confusing as to who was talking. The chapters also jumped around quite a lot with where they were set and who they focused on. It just was not as slick as I had been expecting.

With that being said, I did enjoy the storyline and most of the characters. The book follows Ben Mackenzie who is a retired police officer turned crime writer and how he gets caught up in some horrendous murders, following the disappearance of model Kim McDaniels. You see both his point of view and Henri's, the killer (no spoilers don't worry!) The story behind why Henri does what he does and his motivations are quite interesting in the sense that I have not read anything like it before and it's pretty inventive. 

Patterson does change his writing to fit with the different characters and personalities really well. There was a good sense that you were reading a different person and feeling their emotions and thoughts. 
The plot itself also accelerated in a way that I was not expecting, which did make for it to be quite a page turner. The ending however did leave me a bit underwhelmed, with very little conclusion to the actual storyline. 

Overall, Swimsuit wasn't my favourite book, but I would recommend if you love crime fictions, especially of the more unusual kind!

On a sidenote, having also been written with Maxine Paetro, I could not say how much was written by each author. However I have also seen that a lot of women find it odd that a woman would put her name to a book like this, as there are some horrible sexual encounters which were slightly uncomfortable to read. If that kind of thing bothers you, I would maybe steer away from this book!

Would you read Swimsuit?