Friday, 19 August 2016

On Primark Goodies

I reallyreally like Primark Home. It is the closest thing I have to H&M Home without having to go into Central London. Primark is often considered a bit of a love it/hate it type thing, but if you really look through their products, you can find some really nice stuff!

I recently (read before and after strict spending ban) picked up these little bits and have been really loving them!

Now I am a self-confessed candle snob. I only like candles that actually smell when you burn them and that actually last for a long time.
However I really liked the smell of this one (my affinity with Pink Grapefruit goes back a long time, mainly to when I used to drink Pink Grapefruit flavoured Robinsons undiluted when I was little. I know.) This smells so good. And it smells when you burn it. And it has actually lasted probably for about 30 hours. Which for a Primark candle at only a couple of pound, I was very impressed with!
Their jars are really cute and they actually have a big candle range. I would definitely recommend if you just want some nice smelling and looking candles that don't break the bank. 

Boyf was not impressed when I showed him that I had got another mug. But. This was £2. !! I couldn't resist. It is soso cute and it is really big. Also, it is microwave and dishwasher safe, which again, for something so cheap is such good quality! A lot of my more expensive mugs lack this quality, so I couldn't not buy this one really.
I often find with cheaper mugs that they can feel a bit flimsy and be very thing, but this one is quite heavy and feels much more expensive. I no longer have the packaging but it does come in a part box/part stand thing as well which makes it seem that bit more pricey.
If cats aren't your thing, they also had some other prints. Definitely a bargain. 

So if you're heading to a Primark soon, check these out before they all go!

What would you buy?