Tuesday, 16 August 2016

On Saving Money (And On Not Spending It!)

Photo from www.katelavie.com - I used this as inspiration for the lovely things that can be done with money!

I have mentioned previously that I am on a strict spending ban. This is all in a bid to save money. Now this is not something that I am actively bad at; I have always saved birthday and Christmas money. However I do have a fairly bad spending habit (not to mention my year abroad did pretty much drain my savings, but that's another story). 

Now that I've graduated, I have moved back home, and with the knowledge that I will probably be here for at least a year, I want to save as much as possible in order to make it all the easier for when I do move out. (Boyf is already concerned about the kind of home interior that I want!) So I thought that I would share some of the ways in which I have been saving money lately, and how I have avoided spending any!

Not Going Out - This seems like an obvious one, but I am not actually referring to the Micky Flanagan 'out out' situation here. I am meaning plain going shopping kind of out. As Mother and I always say, if we don't go out, then we are not tempted to buy anything! Plus the fact, shopping with no money is just not fun. Instead of my usual fairly frequent trips down the town, I have been far more productive inside!

Organising - I have been having a full on clear out of my room. (The amount of stuff I had kept and who knows why was beyond ridiculous). This has meant that I have gotten rid of a lot of clothes (and other things). Clothes can easily be taken to Cash For Clothes sites where you are paid for giving your clothes away based on the weight. Not to mention upcoming boot sales!

Do I Need It? - When having looked at something I really like, I have thought to myself, 'Do I need it? Will I actually use it? Where will it go?' All of these kinds of questions generally result in negative answers, meaning that I do not buy anymore things that I do not need nor have any room for. (Read: no more books, make up, moisturisers etc.) 

Piggy Banks - Yes I am 22. And yes I have a piggy bank. Which is in fact a giant pig named Penny. And as ridiculous as it sounds, having put all of my money that I have acquired (the amount I found in aforementioned clear out!) has been put in there. Not only do I forget I have it, but I also cannot easily get it. (Don't worry, it will be going to the bank!) 

Having Ideals and Wishlists - Knowing that I like to buy things, knowing that I like to have what I want and do what I want, and having some sort of ideal of what I want to be doing and where I want to be living all helps with the fact that these all require money. And having money means saving. Following Boyf's advice, I have started a wishlist, helping to narrow down the things that I do really want. Keeping all of my ideals (and kind of dreams I guess :') ) in mind helps to put down the reduced bedding set that I do not need. 

Hopefully these have helped to motivate you to save some money and be more frugal!

Are you a spender or a saver?