Monday, 29 August 2016

On Scrublets

I first got my scrublet when I was living in America. It was a L'Oreal one and came with an amazing cleanser that for whatever reason we cannot get in the UK. I then just held onto the scrublet as I found that it worked so well to really clean my skin and to help it keep clear. 
I recommended it to my sister at the time and she also raved about it! (And the cleanser; not bitter at all about the inavailibility of it...)

I had stopped using a scrublet for quite some time due to having misplaced them. However I have noticed that they have started appearing in quite a few shops. And you should definitely get your hands one! 

One big thing that we are told about trying to help keep our faces clean is not to touch them due to all of the oils and dirt that we can pick up on our hands. Using our hands could be preventing your cleansers from doing their job properly. By using a scrublet you avoid having to touch your face with your hands. Not only that, but because of their design they give your face a much deeper clean and can really get into the pores. (Over time this supposedly shrinks your pores, but I have only noticed this minimally over a period of a few months; but that could just be my skin!) 
Due to being made generally from silicone, this means that the scrublets can easily be cleaned and do not harbour any dirt or germs so are perfect to keep using! They are also very easy to clean. Most of them also come with a sucker so that they can just stick to your sink. 

Scrublets can often be found fairly cheap and are definitely worth picking one up! (Places such as Forever 21 often have them by the tills)

Have you tried a scrublet?