Monday, 15 August 2016

On Indeed Laboratories; Hydraluron

Hydraluron is not something that is new to the world. The serum is definitely something of a cult hit and doesn't really need much discussion! But for the past year I have been using the serum and the moisture jelly and I have been loving them. 
I first started using the serum a couple of years ago, having read so many positive reviews about it. I definitely noticed a difference in my skin after a few weeks! Using it before my standard moisturiser both night and day, the serum just helps your skin to really absorb the moisturiser and to keep hydrated.

Both products are full of hyaluronic acid which holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. Due to this, it means that your skin looks a lot more fuller and fresh as it is holds a whole lot more moisture meaning that your skin does not get dry! 
Dry skin is definitely not something that I have suffered with at all since using these. I started using the moisture jelly about a year ago which is very similar to the serum but just, as you would imagine, a different consistency. The pot is a pump system where you push the top down and the jelly is dispensed. Again, this is a product that allows for your skin to keep more hydrated than with just use of moisturiser, as it can hold much more moisture. 

(Please ignore my shocking nail wrap condition D: )

The combination of both of these, followed with my regular moisturiser has massively changed my skin. I find that it rarely ever gets dry at all. I have had barely any spots; if I have they have been very few and far between (and more than likely hormone or stress related). I also find that on the days I've maybe forgotten to apply them before my moisturiser that my skin just hasn't felt as nice and plump. They definitely help your moisturiser to do its job even better! 

For my skin personally, I probably will just stick to using the serum as opposed to both the jelly and the serum, as this seems to work really well for me. But I cannot recommend these products enough! Even if you don't think that your skin is in bad condition, this will probably just give it that little push to make it look even better! 

Both of these products can be bought from Boots (and currently have a third off!)

Have you used Hydraluron before?

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