Monday, 8 August 2016

On Mondays

I know, I know what you're probably thinking. She doesn't normally post about Mondays? But seeing as July saw me quite absent from the blog, I thought we might as well shake things up a bit! 
A lot has happened. 
July saw me move back home, watch the boyf graduate, graduate myself as well as fill my days with anything at all. I have read numerous books. Cleared through old magazines like there is no tomorrow. Celebrated birthdays. Eaten way too much food. Met new people. Organised my beauty collection (I do not need anything.)
Now we are over a week into August (already!) and here is a Sunday-meets-Monday post for you, filled with the things that I've been loving lately.

I (finally!) bought this plate and the matching cup from H&M.

I am absolutely loving Bear's Den and Blossoms music wise.

I am currently in a phase of trying to make bendy rollers a thing.

Mac Velvet Teddy. Enough said.

These M&S glasses are my new favourites.

After seeing the poster at tube stations, I've just watched the trailer for Wiener-Dog; definitely on my must-see list!

I recently acquired a Jack Wills rucksack; their bags are so en pointe.

It's the Olympics! I'm finding Google the best way to keep up with it all.

I am really appreciating having started my One Line a Day Diary last year; reading back what I was doing is really really nice.

This Boots Time Delay moisturiser is my new favourite.

If I wore glasses, I would definitely buy this Paperchase case.

It took me a half hour at least to unsubscribe from Apple Music; unsubscribe today from everything you're accidentally paying for!

The Garnier Ultimate Blends Collection have been the cause of me receiving a fair few comments on the condition of my hair lately; the Honey Restorer is the way to go!

How was your July?!