Thursday, 11 August 2016

On My Wish List

Being on a strict spending ban at the moment in a bid to save all of the monies, I am still of course discovering things that I want! Creating a wish list is the closest I can come to buying anything at the moment... 

On My Wish List

Anything rose gold let's face it is a must have! Asos have some really lovely dainty rose gold rings at the moment, some not even that expensive! I've been looking for another Infinity ring to take over from my current one which has seen better days... 

These initial letters by Lucky Eyes are so lovely. The colour is so bright! I feel like these would brighten up any outfit. And I also love anything with a K on it. 

Has anyone smelt these candles?! The Gin and Tonic one is delicious; their other ones are also amazing. I have had my eye on these for a while but they are quite pricey. (It could also probably be argued that I do not need any more candles). 

I am also currently on the hunt for a lot of photo frames to redecorate my walls, but I specifically want a double framed one for Graduation photos! Again, this Asos one is just the kind I want.

It may only be August but I am definitely already compiling my Christmas wish list! ;)

What's on your wish list?