Thursday, 15 September 2016

On Barbeques

Beer Can Chicken. BEER CAN CHICKEN!!!

Boyf and his family are really big into bbqs. Now I am going to preface this with the fact that I had never really had proper bbqs, thus my opinion of them was pretty narrow minded. All I had ever really had were sausages and burgers cooked at parties. Not proper meals just your typical British trying to be outdoors despite the weather bbq nibbles.

Boyf mentioned early on that he is a big bbq fan and I thought oh...hmm. (He may also have mentioned that we would have some issues if I wasn't :') ) But now I can happily announce that I am a fully fledged barbeque convert. BBQ steaks, bbq paella, bbq spatchcock chickens, BBQ BEER CAN CHICKEN (DID EVERYONE ELSE KNOW THIS WAS A THING!?). I want it all! 
Roast Sunday dinner with bbq lamb? Yes please. 
Lamb Kofta with halloumi? Yes, three please.
They make everything, meat, vegetables, cheese, just taste so good. Not to mention the, of course, smokey flavour that they add to everything. They are definitely a way to spice up your meals if you feel like everything has become a bit meh.  

I feel like I was the only one not on the barbeque bandwagon, so my attempts to convert anyone else will be futile as I was the one in the minority. Now if only my parents could get onto the barbeque deliciousness... 

Are you a barbeque fan?