Friday, 16 September 2016

On Iced Coffee

I think I might have perfected at-home Iced Coffee. Using Mother's trial method, I have upped the game ever so slightly, and I am telling you, these are just what you need in this weird September heat we are having here. Not to mention they are so easy!

Here's how you can make yours!

Coffee - Use about three teaspoons of coffee and and with boiling water make a tinytiny amount. By tiny amount I mean half espresso size. It needs to be really strong!

Cold Water - If your cold water tap is anything like mine, have it running for a little bit about now just to make sure it's cold; you want it cold!

Milk - Pour in a lot of milk. Almost fill the glass with it.

Cold Water - Now top up with the aforementioned coldcold water.

Ice - Add in some ice cubes (ours are Storm Troopers, just sayin')

Flavour (Optional) - I sometimes add in some caramel syrup just for that extra touch, but these are good without as well!

And boom diggidy you have the perfect iced coffee all crafted by your owns hands! The key thing to remember is make it strong! 

Hope you enjoy!