Sunday, 18 September 2016

On Sundays

I had my first PSL the other day. But as it's been so hot here this week, I went with the frappe version which I had never tried! Definitely the best combination between summer and autumn! I'm spending the day chilling with my parents today; I am so happy for a peaceful day! 

Have you heard of Book Marks? It's like Rotten Tomatoes but for books! It rates books with a grade making it easy to choose your new favourite. 

Glossier. This company is literally doing so well. This article about it was really interesting. And this one! (P.S. Please start shipping internationally!)

We have recently started using the app Wunderlist. It's so handy for making any sort of list, and sharing them! 

The Dog Story. Made me actually lol. (P.S. I have a great dog story!)

Cake Mascara making a comeback?

I did not know that Meghan Markle was behind The Tig !?!?

I loved this video from Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle of Glitter.

Have a good Sunday!