Thursday, 8 September 2016

On Graduating

Being now about seven weeks since I graduated (!!!) I thought that it was now a good time to share some of my thoughts on Graduating with you all!

Graduation Day is a really strange, but fun and exciting day. It is from your point of view, basically all about you. You get to wear the robes. You get to wear the hat (which is nowhere near as fun as the robes). You get free beverages. You get to walk across a stage and get your certificate. 
Everything about your degree culminates on just that one day. It's kind of a big thing. 
And then suddenly it's all done and that's that. 

Before you graduate, but once you have finished exams and everything, you are officially termed a Graduand. The period of time is pretty great. You are on a high and loving life. You have just finished some of the best years of your life, you may not know what you're doing and the world seems all ahead of you.
Then you graduate. 
And all of a sudden you are in a whole other world as a Graduate. You need a job. You need somewhere to live. You need income. And it can take a long time for everything to properly settle down; for you to decide what you're doing and where you're going. It's exciting and terrifying all at the same time. 

My status for a siginificant chunk of my Graduand/Graduate period was 'doing nothing'. Then the reality sets in and you really should start doing something. It's a time of change, and getting rid of old things and bringing in the new. It's weird, and wonderful all at the same time. 

So essentially, I'm looking forward to this whole new chapter, but I have no idea what it entails. Which both excites and terrifies me!