Monday, 12 September 2016

On Making The Bed

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Making your bed everyday is one of those things that when you're growing up you are always told to do. Not to mention how often you hear about having a tidy bed and tidy room makes for a tidy mind. I had never subscribed to any of this. Thus, I never made my bed. 

When I was little I shared my sisters room and had the top bunk. No way was I going to even attempt to make that. When I finally had my own room there just never seemed the need to make my bed. I would be getting back into it, why bother making it? 
For the past few years my bed has been against the wall, meaning that trying to tuck the wallside in was just nigh on impossible. During my time at university I was pretty much always in my bed (student houses are freezing and heating is expensive, so cosy bed it was!) What was the point in making it?

So many people said to me that maybe making my bed was the way forward with trying to be organised and feeling better about yourself. My response was always 'How on earth would making my bed do anything like that?'
Well, at the age of 22, I have finally succumbed. I have begun making my bed everyday. And you know what? It is really nice and refreshing. It is so nice to come home from a long day, or if I have been at Boyfs for the past few days to come back and see my nice, tidy, made bed. It almost feels like it is a fresh, clean bed every night I get into it. 

I can't quite say that it has changed my life in any dramatic sort of way. Do I feel anymore organised than normal? Not particularly. Do I feel better about life in general? Yes, but I can't put that all down to the bed making process! Am I glad I changed my ways? Yes!
So if you were like me and never made your bed, get up tomorrow morning, go have your breakfast, make some tea. Then make your bed. And see how it feels when you get home tomorrow evening. I promise it will be worthwhile!

Do you always make your bed?