Sunday, 25 September 2016

On Sundays

Boyf and a couple of my friends from university moved out into London this week. Two of us ended up going to Ikea, mainly for the meatballs...partly for practical reasons. But mainly the meatballs. I got twenty. I felt no shame! 

I am spending today celebrating with my family for my Nan's birthday; afternoon tea here we come! Les parents went away this week and I have barely spoken to Mother since Monday; I am looking forward to a good catch up! (She doesn't have a phone - I know.)
 I hope you're all having a good Sunday!

Bobbi Brown writes a letter to her younger self. This is really lovely and inspiring.

Want to see inside Kate Spade's apartment? Now you can!

This video from Oprah. It is so motivating. And only a minute!

How female staffers in Obama's cabinet got their voice heard.

Avoiding 'like-chasing'; I didn't realise this was a term, but it's so true.

Happy Sunday!