Friday, 9 September 2016

On Empties | Garnier Ultimate Blends - Honey Treasures

There was a fair amount of hype when these were originally launched, about 18 months or so ago. Yet despite that, I never really heard that much about them good or bad. The only things I did hear were that people weren't keen on the packaging, but that isn't something I have found particularly offputting! 

I originally got these as they are often on offer in Boots (currently buy one get one free!) I needed new shampoo and conditioner and thought I would try these. I was drawn to these ones in particular because they smell so good. I love honey and honey products anyway, so after smelling these I was pretty much sold. 
Since then I have pretty much used these solidly and rebought both the shampoo and conditioner because I knew I would want more of them! These ones are sold as being Strength Restorers for fragile hair that is prone to breakage. I wouldn't necessarily say my hair is fragile, but it is quite fine so can damage easily, so this one has definitely suited me! 

Firstly, I rarely get my hair cut. Maybe twice a year (for various reasons). The last time I got my hair cut was around March/April time. Normally my hair after about this length of time needs cutting; it gets dry and the ends soso damaged. However my hair currently looks nearly as good as when it was cut! The ends are in extremely good condition and it is not at all dry.
Secondly, I have had so many comments on how healthy my hair looks. And it's true! It feels so soft and looks really shiny and glossy (not to my blow my own trumpet here!) and it is all down to the hooney goodness!

I really cannot fault this shampoo (nor the conditioner but that is thankfully not empty!) I can only speak for the honey versions of these, but if you haven't tried any of them and feel like your hair needs a treat, definitely look into these!

What ones would you try?

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