Sunday, 21 September 2014

Becoming A Badger | One Month On

I can't believe that I have now already been here a month; the time is just flying by! Things are really good at the moment now that classes have set in and I am finally in a routine. In order to kind of celebrate, but not really celebrate, the fact that it's a month since I moved over here I just thought I would mention some of the experiences that I've had. 

  • Living literally on lakeshore of Lake Mendota is just absolutely crazy. It's so different to anywhere I've ever lived or even stayed before and I absolutely love it.
  • The food here is definitely something to get my teeth into! The Taste of Madison Food Festival showcased some of the local food companies and farms and numerous fried goods...including fried oreos and fried cookie dough. So bad, but so good!
  • Going to a retro photobooth and getting my 'picture taken' with the UW Madison marching band at Camp Randall Stadium back in the 1970's.
  • Being a part of Project W and getting to stand on the pitch at Camp Randall to make the iconic 'W' on the field. (I'm somewhere in the right!) Not to mention getting a free tshirt out of it!
  • Going to the State Capitol and actually sitting in the Governor's chair #GovernorKarina
  • Seeing my first ever actual American Football Game, witnessing 5 touchdowns by the Badgers and absolutely loving life.
There are sooo many more things that I could list, not just experiences but things I've learnt about being over here and about myself, and I'm sure there are more to come!
But for now this is just a little taster of my month anniversary if you will.