Monday, 8 September 2014

The Need for a Decent Base

So in reference to my previous post (ooh nice promotion Karina), I have changed up my make up a little by wearing a lighter, layer, shall we say. Mainly due to the heat here; patchy make up anyone? As I have thus been wearing less make up, the days when I have just been whacking on some mascara I have finally realised the need for a decent base. 
Now I know this is going to come as obvious to a lot of you, however on my down-days I normally would possibly put on a bit of concealer, but mainly, I would put nothing on my actual face. I have since realised lately that this just won't cut it anymore. Especially in the heat. Thus, I have developed what I feel is my decent base. 
Firstly, I of course wash my face (posts to come on this; the excitement!) and then moisturise it. I am absolutely loving Hydraluron and no wonder it is a cult product. It is sososo good. It is of a gel frequency (for those that don't know) and a little goes a long way. It leaves my skin feeling great. I then dab on the Maxfactor Mastertouch Under Eye Concealer in fair on those pesky red spots that won't leave and of course under my eyes. If I'm having a particularly good day then I just go right on in with my Becca fine Pressed Powder, but if not, slap on that Garnier BB Cream! 
If your base is all blended in well, it's smooth, it's oil free, it's flawless. Well not quite, but almost. Then you really can get away with the just-mascara-look. Trust me, you need the base. 

What do you do for your decent base?