Wednesday, 24 September 2014

H&M Manuka Honey Face Mask | Review

Goodness gracious, sung like Ellie Goulding, this post is waaaaaay overdue and I have absolutely no excuse! But it is here now!
So I originally bought this face mask in one of my awkward moments in which I didn't want to be just buying underwear (coughthongscough) by itself. I just couldn't face it. Sooo I walked around H&M looking for one of the cheapest possible things that I could also buy. And at a mere 99p I came across their face masks and this one instantly stood out to me. I am lover of all things honey and just really liked the idea that it was a Gentle Cleanse mask. 
This was right before my trip to Rimini (Tour 2014!) and seeing as it was a holiday I knew that my skin needed to be in good, or at least a bit nicer, condition so thought this would be a great way to achieve that. 
The mask itself was quite thick and there was a surprising amount of it in that little sachet so I did have a lot of product on my face which is quite small. This did mean that there was too much in some areas so it took that bit longer to dry. It peeled off pretty easily, and after a bit of a scrub to completely clear my skin, (from what I recall), it did feel like it had just had a really nice long cleanse. I kept this on for about 20 minutes (again, I think...I'm sorry.) My skin just felt so refreshed and I really enjoyed the smell which just of course added to the whole experience!
As these are only 99p they probably aren't the most amazing masks for your skin, however for a little pick me up, I would definitely recommend this, especially if you're a honey lover!

Have you tried the H&M masks?