Friday, 12 September 2014

The (American) Football Game | Go Badgers!

Look at all that red! So in case you hadn't guessed... Wisconsin's colour is red. Sorry, color... This was the first home game for the Badgers of the season, so really it was a necessity that we went! We managed to get tickets and although we weren't in the student section (don't ask), we had such a good time! I have actually developed quite a liking for American Football, and an absolute love of the UW Marching Band. Seriously they are amazing. Just look at those formations! Whilst playing instruments! !!!!
The badgers won by quite a way...there were five touchdowns! One of them being right in front of where we were sitting (see picture 2); then the W flag comes running across. Oh my, it was just all insane and ridiculous and I absolutely loved it.
The game was at Camp Randall, and just to give you some perspective on size: it seats a little over 80,000 people. Wembley Stadium seats a little over 90,000 and Old Trafford seats 75,000. So there you go, it's a lot of people and a lot of madness!

Have you ever or would you ever go to a football game?