Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Autumn Tag

With Autumn (or Fall...) approaching I am definitely looking forward to some really cosy nights and wrapping up in my woollens! 
I have taken this tag from the amazing MakeUpSavvy blog which is one of my all time favourites and just thought that this was definitely a great post to do!*

1. Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?  
Firstly, definitely Starbucks. And I reeeallly love the Peppermint Mocha; it's sososo yummy. That's actually possibly Christmas...in fact I think it is; I can picture it in a red cup... Then it has to be the Salted Caramel Mocha!

2. Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?
I am well known for my love of scarves; it doesn't need to be cold for me to have one on. Then definitely boots. I always feel I need gloves but never seem to remember them!

3. Music - what's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
Nothing particular to be honest; well I mean there isn't anything that springs to mind! I am currently loving Nina Nesbitt though. 
4. Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?
I really love Vera Wang Princess Night, however I wouldn't necessarily say for Autumn explicitly. It does add a really nice touch to colder nights though!

5. Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?
 Were I allowed candles in my dorm...I would definitely have Yankee Candles Salted Caramel. I'm also really intrigued to try Village Candle's Brownie Delight. Yankee's Black Cherry is also delicious.

6. What do you love most about Autumn?
Everything! It is by far my favourite season. The general feeling is definitely near the top; it's getting colder and you just wanna put on your cosy socks and watch some tv in bed with a nice hot beverage! Being cosy is definitely a must; it's one of my friends aims in life! I love that there is the gradual build up to Christmas also.

7. Favourite makeup look?
I definitely like to make myself look a little 'wind-blown'; and by that I do not mean blowing my face with a hairdryer...But I mean having really nice rosy cheeks and really warm coloured lips. I adore Sleek Rose Gold blush for this as it has that bit of gold shimmer which is gorgeous. I don't think I change my eye makeup that much other than maybe going a bit darker, thicker, with the eye shadow for a bit more definition. And of course, the berry lips! I love the Revlon Lip Butters for this. 
8. What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?
To be honest I'm really not sure! I'm in a brand new place and so don't really know what to expect of the 'Fall' season out here. The weather is already ridiculously sporadic. I guess I'm looking forward to maybe trying new things such as food...and probably checking out the American brands take on the Autumn collections!

I hope you enjoyed this post and please do it yourselves and let me know!

*Credit also to Fee from MakeUp Savvy for creating the image which I used for my own cover photo!