Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Possibly the Cutest Vaseline...Ever?!

If you have seen my latest video then you will have seen me having a bit of a moment with this...but just look at it. It is just so cute. It is, yes, essentially standard vaseline but instead of the tin, it's in this tiny little plastic pot.
Basically, it is a gimmick that is going to draw, nono, suck in people like me that love anything in miniature/cuter/different form.
I hadn't seen this out in the UK before I came over to the US, but you can pick these babies up at Walgreens (right next to the cosmetics till in my case...) for $1.79. There is also the cocoa butter one!

Also... just for reference... here it is next to a penny. For you know...size guides...

Anyone else need this in their lives?!

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