Friday, 26 September 2014

Cutting Your Split Ends

Whilst searching for a picture* to use for this post, pictures of logs kept coming up. I then realised that these are also 'split ends'. This however, is not what I want my hair to look like...

Cutting, or trimming shall we say, my split ends is something I have done for absolutely years. Whilst doing it this morning whilst catching up on some Youtube videos, I realised that it probably isn't that common. However, it is a really great thing to do if it's going to be a long time until your next haircut.
The general tip is to twist strands of your hair and cut the split ends which poke out from there. Whilst, yes, this can work, I don't believe it's the most effective. You literally just need to get the ends of your hair and trim the split parts. I personally find it quite therapeutic, as weird as that sounds! Just simply get the ends of segments of your hair between your fingers, running them down until only the very ends are visible and just snip!

For those of you worried about cutting your own hair...this is not cutting your hair. It is trimming the damaged parts to prevent further damage. It is not getting rid of huge chunks, just merely milimetres of your hair.
If you do it really well, you will notice quite a difference!

So everyone, grab those scissors and say goodbye to split ends without the cost!

Have you ever done this?

*Picture taken from flickr