Saturday, 27 September 2014

Circus Stuff on State Street

So just a side note, clowns are my absolute worst fear, and the circus is pretty much my worst ever nightmare. However, when my good friend Hannah and I were walking down State Street last night we came across these couple of circus wagons. As I had my camero on me, (as a good blogger always does!), I thought I might as well take a couple of photos of these as they were only there for a day. 
We then found in the Overture Centre that it is the '10 Fest' of the Overture itself, hence they have a lot of circus and acrobat events going on. Including also housing past circus outfits, sketches and some original carousel horses. One of which is even a century old this year and has been fully restored!
So, as I said to Hannah, despite being kind of creeped out slightly by all of this stuff, I thought that as a blogger, somebody somewhere would find this really interesting, and it's just not something you see everyday! 
So I am glad I have documented it, despite finding it all quite uncomfortable! But then, isn't that life; stepping out of your comfort zone? 

What do you think of the Circus ware?

*Also as a side note, due to the time of night, the lighting was poor, thus I edited these photos to give them a more of a vintage-y feel to make the most of a bad picture!